Industrial inspection

We offer industrial inspection solutions powered by advanced drone technology. Our skilled team conducts remote inspections using drones that operate autonomously along pre-defined flight paths, ensuring thorough coverage of your industrial facilities.

Key Features of avilon's Industrial Inspection Drones:

Autonomous Inspection: avilon’s drones are designed to operate autonomously, adhering to pre-defined flight paths. This precision ensures comprehensive coverage of your industrial site.

High-Resolution Imaging: Equipped with high-resolution RGB cameras and thermal cameras, our drones capture detailed images and thermal data. This high-quality imaging provides inspectors with clear visuals, aiding in the identification of potential abnormalities.

Online Platform Integration: The captured data can be uploaded to online platform, where inspectors can manage abnormalities and generate comprehensive reports. This centralized platform streamlines data management, ensuring easy access to inspection findings.

AI-Powered Defect Detection: AI solutions are available for faster defect detection. Our tailored AI and continuous learning AI algorithms can be improved over time, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in identifying abnormalities that match with your situation.

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