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Avilon Robotics, a leading drone manufacturer and service provider, offers autonomous systems ideal for various business needs. Our advanced drones ensure safe, remote, and automatic operation with real-time data, managed by skilled pilots from a central control center. We provide comprehensive solutions, including application integration, operation services, registration, maintenance, and repair.

Experience unmatched efficiency and innovation with our drones, tailored for diverse business applications. Partner with us to harness the power of autonomous drone technology.
Elevate your Business to New Heights

Our Services

Delivery Drone

Experience the future of deliveries with our Delivery Drone. Perfect for groceries and medical supplies with our Safe and Eco-Friendly operations.

Solar Inspection

Efficiently inspect solar farms or rooftops with our drone with Thermal Camera technology. Our AI analysis enhances accuracy, providing detailed reports accessible through our user-friendly online platform.

Indoor Drone for Warehouse

A safe and automated solution for efficient warehouse management. Our drone employs advanced technology to navigate indoor spaces, ensuring accurate and automated inventory tracking. 

Other Services

Our Success Story

Phuket Drone Delivery

We invested in the PMUC project, which is a project under the management of the NXPO, to develop a drone delivery system for consumer goods in Phuket province. Our team has worked with the Department of Civil Aviation, Kasetsart University, Many shops and hotels in Phuket to make the drone transport business possible in Thailand.

Drone Platform for Smart City

We have been working with National Applied Research Laboratories in Taiwan to integrate drones into Smart City systems. Creating 3D maps for Digital Twins and calculating the flow of floods or earthquakes, using drones for security purposes by connecting in real time.

Qualcomm Innovation Challenge

We won the 2nd Runner Up of Qualcomm Innovation Taiwan Challenge 2021, the largest technology competition in Taiwan. Qualcomm is a global chip manufacturer and holds a market share of over 29% of the chips used in mobile phones worldwide. This enable us to access Qualcomm’s technology including chip and 5G technology.

IPP Competition 2021​

Avilon was the only one team from whole Taiwan who completed mission successfully during the competition. With 9.8 kg package, 13.6 km distance drone delivery over sea. This flight is autonomous and fully monitored over internet

2023 Drone Military Defense Competition

Avilon Team got the 1st  runner up prize in the 2023 Drone Military Defense Competition in Taiwan. In collaboration with NCKU University’s IEC Lab, we developed a unique drone that operates autonomously inside buildings, controlled by a single device. Our drone, chosen among 58 teams nationwide, stood out for its ability to automatically map indoor spaces and navigate using AI-guided cameras. This drone serves as a valuable addition to support mission objectives within enclosed spaces.

Our Delivery Drone has been certified from Taiwan's CAA

The Avilon team and Gryphon EX+ drone have received inspection certificate for delivery drone from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in Taiwan. This success marks the first step in providing drone delivery services outside urban areas in Taiwan. It also expands the potential for raising the standards of delivery drone in Thailand.


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