Indoor Inventory management drone

Indoor Inventory Management Drones, designed to transform the way you handle inventory tracking and stock management. 
Our indoor drones technology can operate in enclosed environments where no GPS technology for navigation. This enables the automated flight according to the pre-define paths ensure safety and easy to operate.

Key Features of avilon's Indoor Inventory Management Drones:

  • Efficient QR Code Reading: avilon’s drones feature advanced QR code reading, effortlessly scanning products, shelves, or containers. Instantly confirm stock levels, providing real-time data for precise inventory management.
  • Accurate Stock Verification: avilon’s drones ensure precise stock verification, minimizing errors. Validate stock levels, compare with digital records, and reconcile discrepancies, enhancing overall inventory accuracy.
  • Swift Package Tracking: Our drones swiftly locate packages in indoor facilities like warehouses or distribution centers. Quick retrieval and streamlined distribution processes are guaranteed.
  • Automated Inventory Audits: avilon’s drones automate inventory audits, scanning QR codes and generating detailed reports. Save time and resources while ensuring up-to-date inventory data.
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