Solar panel inspection

Avilon is your dedicated team for professional solar panel (PV) inspection services. Utilizing our drone with advanced dual-camera technology, including Thermal Camera & Visual RGB Camera, we ensure thorough and precise inspections for your solar cell for regular maintenance inspections as well as acceptance inspections of solar panels after installation.

Why Choose avilon for Solar Panel Inspection?

  • Advanced Dual-Camera Technology: avilon’s drone utilizes both Thermal Camera and Visual RGB Camera, offering comprehensive insights into your solar panels’ health. The Thermal Camera detects overheat cells and diode faults, ensuring the early detection of potential issues. Simultaneously, the Visual RGB Camera identifies external problems such as cracks and debris, allowing for a thorough examination of your solar system.
  • Faster Result by our AI-Powered Analysis: Our drone operations are enhanced by an intelligent AI system, which processes captured data for in-depth analysis. This advanced AI technology identifies anomalies on solar panels, enabling us to pinpoint specific areas that require attention and maintenance. The result can be provided faster with high accuracy.
  • User-Friendly Online Platform: Accessing your inspection reports has never been more straightforward. Avilon provides a user-friendly online platform where you can seamlessly review detailed findings from the inspection. Our interface is designed for transparency and clarity, ensuring you understand the state of your solar panels and the necessary steps for optimal functioning.
  • Pinpoint Accuracy: Avilon is committed to delivering inspection results with accuracy. Our high-precision positioning technology, coupled with advanced post-processing software, allows us to pinpoint defects down to each individual panel. We create actionable maps, guiding further maintenance actions with precision.
  • Proven Results: Our detailed inspections lead to reduced costs, increased profits, and enhanced ROI for solar farms. We focus on identifying  anomalies, crucial for timely maintenance and repairs, ensuring optimal panel performance and maximizing energy output.

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Advantages of avilon’s Inspection Solution

With our integrated technology capabilities for drone, AI and application development, avilon provides end-to-end solution for solar inspection services including drone flight operations, anomaly detection by AI, online platform and management report for maintenance planning.

High Quality Photo and Data Capture
With our high definition visual RGB and Thermal Camera

Anomaly Detection Engine and Location Identified
Powered by our inhouse AI technology for anomaly detection and the location of anomaly provided for action

Safe and Reliable Operations
By our expertise and high safety standard operations

SkynergyAI Platform

Discover our online platform designed for efficient solar inspection management. The platform seamlessly displays inspection results, ensuring easy access to vital data and streamlined defect maintenance management. Powered by advanced AI technology, our engine precisely identifies solar panel shapes and their locations. By analyzing patterns from thermal and RGB photos, the engine detects anomalies with precision. These anomalies are pinpointed on a detailed solar farm map, providing clear visualizations. Armed with actionable insights, you can make informed decisions for ongoing maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your solar infrastructure.

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