WaterCare is a tool that helps aquaculture farmers access water quality information on their ponds at all times to take better and closer care of their aquatic animals. It can automatically control aeration equipment and is both durable and weather-resistant, as tested in Thailand. The device has a long lifespan and has been tested and verified to read water quality accurately. It also has an application that allows the user to view water quality information via an Internet connection.

Sensor Capabilities​

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Degradation Rate

Water Acidity/Alkali (pH) Level

Water temperature value

Air Temperature

Relative Humidity

Device Operation

  • The display screen shows the values of ­Dissolved Oxygen (DO), pH, Electrical Conductivity, water temperature, air temperature and relative humidity in real-time
  • Green light indicates the machine is operating normally, red light indicates abnormal operation of the machine, and blue light indicates the air-filling machine is currently operational
  • A light and sound alarm with signal before the air-filling machine begins operating
  • Supported by mobile networks in 4G/5G systems
  • Uses 220V electrical power
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