Why Specialized Indoor Drones are Essential for Building and Warehouse Applications

Drones are typically designed for open areas, relying on GPS for accurate positioning in precise flight missions, often under the control of human operators for tasks like capturing high-angle photos and inspecting hard-to-reach objects. However, indoor drone flights by using typical drones become challenging.

The indoor drone flights face challenges as drones struggle to determine positions within enclosed structures without GPS signals. Human operators must manually control and monitor drones to navigate and avoid collisions, introducing difficulties and increasing the risk of errors. The absence of GPS signals heightens the likelihood of collisions with walls, pillars, objects, and living things, potentially causing damage to both the drones and the indoor surroundings.

The Avilon Indoor Drone represents a cutting-edge technology that integrates drones with a proprietary platform tailored for indoor flight missions. Equipped with appropriately sized drones fitted with surrounding detection devices, this technology is designed for diverse missions within buildings. Specific applications include:

  • Indoor Security Drone: Geared towards maintaining security, this drone provides a 4-dimensional security system, functioning as eyes and ears within buildings. It operates similarly to a closed-circuit camera, enhancing security by freely moving in both vertical and horizontal directions without height limitations.
  • Indoor Warehouse Drone: This drone automates barcode reading for inventory counting in warehouses, enhancing efficiency and safety. It is capable of working in locations hazardous for humans, such as high shelves or rooms storing dangerous substances, thereby improving overall safety.
  • Unwanted Wildlife Control Drone: Employed for deterring nuisance animals like birds, which often disrupt large warehouse spaces or agricultural storage facilities. By mitigating messes created by feathers and droppings, and preventing direct damage from feeding on crops, this drone addresses wildlife-related challenges.
  • Indoor Tactical Drone: Tailored for law enforcement agencies, this drone serves as a tactical tool capable of conducting reconnaissance within buildings. It can surveil areas, detect, search, and strategically divert attention.
The Avilon Indoor Drone technology aims to overcome specific challenges and elevate operational efficiency across various indoor applications, offering versatile solutions for security, inventory management, factory inspection and building inspections.

The Avilon Indoor Drone does not rely on GPS or require experienced drone pilots for normal indoor flights. Traditional indoor drone flights often require experienced pilots flying within line of sight to avoid collisions. Avilon Indoor Drone, however, utilizes an automatic flight system that doesn’t require an on-site pilot. Through cameras and various sensors, it collects data to enable AI to create maps, memorize zones, waypoints, and navigate to avoid obstacles, ensuring the success of the mission.

The Avilon Control Center allows flight control remotely through our platform. Users can receive real-time information without needing to operate the drone themselves. This includes live camera feeds, stock counts in warehouses, and results from reconnaissance flights over different areas.

The Landing Platform is equipped with an automatic battery charging system for continuous operation. The Avilon Indoor Drone comes with a docking station and an automatic battery charging system. The drone can autonomously navigate to the Charging Dock for rest and recharging, enabling it to resume flights after recharging its batteries.

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